Water protection

Sustainable water protection

The German Water Resources Act (WHG) defines the mandatory requirement to sustainably protect ground and surface water against chemicals and substances which are hazardous to water that occur during production or storage.

In order to satisfy this requirement, it is necessary to seal walls and floors.

SKO is a qualified and recognized specialist company (as defined by WHG), which makes it an experienced partner in the planning and implementation of the necessary structural measures. 

We support our customers in the approvals process, help them to select suitable materials and guarantee high quality work. In a collaborative process between everyone involved, we deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

To offer permanent resistance and corrosion protection, we use our own high quality coating systems, some of which are WHG certified, and other manufacturers’ coating systems.

Coating (WHG) and cladding

Coating (WHG) and foundation

Coating (WHG) and lining of ceiling openings

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