Mortar and grouts

Mortar and grouts

We provide mortars and grouts capable of handling all unusual chemical, mechanical and thermal requirements and water-polluting substances.

E.g.: All types of industrial operations, warehouse or production areas, wine-making enterprises, supermarkets, dairies, electroplating companies, power stations, pickling plants, printing companies etc. The coating systems are designed according to customer requirements.
  • Eskanol PO/POL
  • Eskanol VE/VEL
  • Eskanol E/EL
  • Eskanol FU/FUL
  • Eskanol Waterglass Mortar WGM
  • Eskanol CN
  • Eskanol 788

We help you to fulfil the legal requirements for your company.

Acid-proof mortar

Cladding without joint sealing

Acid-proof jointing

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