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We are an experienced industrial company, serving our customers worldwide since 1964 - personally, expertly and reliably.

Our portfolio extends from environment and water protection systems, through container construction to chemical and industrial effluent treatment systems. We also supply hot-dip galvanizing plants, pickling lines, exhaust air purification systems, anti-corrosion and surface protection solutions, plus the necessary switch and control panels, accessories, individual and replacement parts.

We discuss all the options with you, help you to plan and develop the right solution, design and manufacture the components and then assemble them for you on site, anywhere in the world. And that’s not all. We also provide an efficient maintenance service.

Our customers profit from our know-how, experience, production technology and commitment as general or sub-contractor, whether they need individual components, repairs and maintenance or the development of a brand new system.

You can download a PDF file of our image brochure here (1 MB):

Acid protection

Systems engineering

Coating systems


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